We’re at 8500 Signatures!

We have more than 8500 signatures toward Stein’s ballot access in AL!  We needed 5,000 to get Jill Stein on Alabama’s ballot as an independent.  The Secretary of State disqualifies between 20 and 30% of signatures for illegibility or problems with the status of the signee’s voter registration, so the extra 3500 helps ensure we have enough valid signatures.
We are drafting a letter to the AL sec of state declaring Ajamu Baraka as VP instead of Howie Hawkins, so no worries about Howie Hawkin’s name appearing on the petition instead.
We will be delivering the signed letter to the AL SoS next week, in person.


Good work, keep it up, organize CNN Town Hall watch parties in your city, and contact state chair Tyler Henderson for info on how to get organized in your area!

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