State Officers

We’re currently drafting our bylaws, which will be ratified at our statewide convention in December. At our last convention in July, we elected interim statewide officers to get us started.


T4Tyler Henderson, Alabama Green Party Chair
Location: Mobile, AL
Phone: 251.509.2763

Tyler is a long-time activist with deep roots in the Deep South.  Hailing from Leakesville, MS, he has resided in Mobile, AL for the past decade.

Tyler first became politically active during the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, and went on to become a leading organizer in the Occupy Mobile Movement in 2011.  As part of Occupy, he helped establish regular food distribution to the local homeless population, co-organized a physical occupation of Spanish Plaza Park(where he was arrested along with 16 others during the violent breakup of the encampment), and led a 200 mile march from Mobile to Montgomery to bring attention to the regressive Grocery Tax.

In 2012, he co-founded the Mobile Bay branch of Socialist Alternative. This organization experienced massive growth over the following 4 years, expanding to cities all across Alabama and running a variety of campaigns, including: A petition drive to cut subsidies to Big Business and use the money to expand public transit options in Mobile, a string of rallies to protest police brutality and to call for a Civilian Oversight Committee to oversee the police, defense of a woman’s Right to Choose, a mass campaign and petition drive against rape culture at the University of South Alabama to establish resources and protection for women subject to sexual assault, living wage campaigns in support of a $15/hr minimum wage, and direct action to prevent the construction of tar-sands pipelines directly beneath Mobile’s water supply.

In addition to this, Tyler has been involved in the founding of Mobile Bay for a Living Wage, Mobile Environmental Justice Action Committee, and 15NOW Alabama.

Since joining the Green Party, he has worked to revitalize the Alabama Green Party and establish Chapters across the state. Through the effort of the incredible team in Alabama, he believes that a Green Revolution can occur across our state and the tables can be turned against the right-wing, monied interests and that a true Party of the People can emerge as a powerful fighting force.


kyotaiMyriah King-Rao, Alabama Green Party Social Media Coordinator.

Location: Mobile AL
Phone: 251.513.2568

Myriah is a relatively new activist originally from Owensboro, KY and now located in Mobile AL.

She became politically active in late 2015 and has since co-founded the Mobile Bay for a Living Wage movement, and was elected as the Green Party of Alabama’s social media coordinator. Since then, she is circumventing the corporate media blackout of Jill Stein using social media. Social media, much like activism, only works if people become involved. Join us on the following social media:
Facebook @AlGreenParty
Twitter @AlGreenParty
Instagram alabamagreenparty
Donate at
Despite the Green Party being frozen out by cooperate media, Myriah aims to establish a party capable of going toe to toe with the Democrats and Republicans and show them what a party powered by the 99% can accomplish.