Our Candidates

Here’s a list of Green and Green-endorsed candidates you’ll be able to vote for in 2016:


Jill_Charmaine_White_Face_Petuuche_Gilbert_-_aboutJill Stein, Presidential Candidate

(excerpts and photo taken from this page)

“Dr. Jill Stein was the Green Party’s 2012 candidate for President. She holds the current record for most votes ever received by a woman candidate for President of the United States in the general election. She is a mother, an organizer, physician, and pioneering environmental-health advocate. She has helped lead initiatives to fight environmental racism and injustice, to promote healthy communities, to strengthen local green economies and to revitalize democracy. She has helped win victories in campaign finance reform, racially-just redistricting, green jobs, and the cleanup of incinerators, coal plants, and toxic threats. She was a principal organizer for the Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit.”

“Jill was born in Chicago and raised in Highland Park, Illinois. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College in 1973, and from Harvard Medical School in 1979. She lives in Lexington with her husband, Richard Rohrer, also a physician. They have two grown sons in medical school and residency training.”

Read more about her and her platform at her website!


Baraka_ILL1523-400Ajamu Baraka, Vice Presidential Candidate

(excerpts and photo taken from this page)

“A human rights defender whose experience spans four decades of domestic and international education and activism, Ajamu Baraka is a veteran grassroots organizer whose roots are in the Black Liberation Movement and anti-apartheid and Central American solidarity struggles.”

“Baraka has taught political science at various universities and has been a guest lecturer at academic institutions in the U.S. and abroad. A commentator on a number of criminal justice and international human rights issues, Baraka has appeared on and been covered in a wide-range of print, broadcast, and digital media outlets such as CNN, BBC, the Tavis Smiley Show, Telemundo, ABC’s World News Tonight, Black Commentator, Russia Today, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. He is also a contributing writer for various publications including Black Commentator, Commondreams, Pambazaka, and Dissident Voice.”

“He is currently an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) in Washington, D.C., and editor and contributing columnist for the Black Agenda Report.”

Read more at his website, www.ajamubaraka.com!


Local Candidates

Devyn Keith, Huntsville City Council District 1

Devyn Keith is running for Huntsville’s non-partisan city council and has been endorsed by the Green Party of Madison County.  He won a plurality of votes in a five-person race on August 23rd.  He had a 13% lead over his nearest competitor, a 28-year incumbent.  The run-off between Keith and the runner-up is on Tuesday, October 4th.

Learn more at his website:  http://www.devynskeith.com